Enhance, Modify, Repair,
Upgrade, & Preserve

Sometimes a little TLC is all an older hangar needs! Our ability to enhance, modify, repair, upgrade, and preserve your hangar will help reinvigorate your space and bring it back to life.

Plane Space LLC


Awnings, façade fronts, vehicle doors, windows, siding, entrances, patios, exterior lighting
Plane Space LLC


Flooring, workshops, office space, lobby & lounge areas, rest rooms (so often overlooked) storage areas, lighting, hospitality, living quarters, wall sheeting & insulation
Plane Space LLC

Hangar Doors:

Hydraulic operating, bifold with lift straps, bottom rolling doors, remote opening, automatic latching, automatic wind pins, windows, lighting
You’ve upgraded your aircraft, now upgrade your hangar!
Plane Space LLC
Plane Space LLC

Hangar Doors

Hangar doors are the most important part of a hangar. Its been proven time and time again without a solid door, the building will not hold up. A hangar is actually a big door with a building attached. They need to be solid and able to withstand our tropical storms.

At Plane Space, we prefer to work with Schweiss Doors. Their hydraulic doors and bifold doors with modern lift straps have the most robust hardware we have ever seen. And we also appreciate their service and responsiveness. We have seen their doors stand up to tornado force winds. We cannot stress enough that an engineered door is the most important part of a hangar.