Hangar Designs That Suit Your Aviation Needs

Develop & Build Secure & Functional Hangars

Plane Space has solutions for the aircraft hangar shortage. Whether you are a private pilot or a business operator, we develop and build secure and functional hangars with creative, functional designs to suit your needs. We also offer consulting services for guidance on building your hangar. Whatever the type, size, style, location, or functionality, Plane Space will advise on the best options for aircraft hangar.

Whether you’re tired of the endless waiting lists and ready to build your own hangar, or your hangar needs upgrading to live up to your lifestyle, we blend form and function to deliver flexible and customized combinations to satisfy your aviation needs. From a welcoming lounge for entertaining guests to extra office or storage space, a workshop and cabinetry or additional mezzanine floors, anything is possible with Plane Space.

Plane Space LLC
Plane Space LLC

Feasibility and conceptual design studies

Plane Space LLC

T-hangars, box hangars, co-hangar spaces for multiple aircraft

Plane Space LLC

Corporate hangar development and consulting

Plane Space LLC

Airside and Through-the-Fence projects

Plane Space LLC

Garage, man cave, & vintage aerodrome styles

Plane Space LLC

Entertaining & lounge spaces; outside living environments

Hanger Styles

Hangar Styles

We’ll help you when you need a hangar or
additional space:

  • Individual box hangars
  • T-Hangar complex
  • Corporate/Office hangars
  • Hangar/Shop/Showroom combinations
  • Living space additions
  • Or simply dressing up the old place

Hangar Door Types

One of the most important parts of a hangar is the door.

  • Two piece Bi-fold doors with lift straps
  • Single piece hydraulic doors
  • Bottom rolling doors
  • Roll-up doors
Hangar Doors