Preconstruction consulting, construction management, and post completion.

An All-Encompassing Construction Process.

Discovery, Analysis, Options, and Recommendations.

  • From the first meeting, clients will notice our unique approach to hangar construction. Our all-encompassing construction services provide expert guidance and support to clients building a functional and secure hangar.
  • Over the years we have developed a building process that successfully provides our aviation clients valuable insight with their initial ideas, from design to construction to project completion. This preconstruction consultation service will allow our clients to envision their wish list and identify the requirements and potential roadblocks for their project. This approach allows our clients to evaluate their options and make informed business decisions prior to investing in their project.
Plane Space LLC
Plane Space LLC

Preconstruction Consulting

It’s all about…
Discovery, Analysis, Options and Recommendations.

Before we begin any project, the first stage is learning and establishing the basis of your project. It’s discovering your unique circumstances, your ideas for what you are looking to achieve with a new hangar. We have an in-depth preconstruction process starting with a phone conversation to identify your needs and requirements.

For a project to be successful, the builder must thoroughly understand the owner’s vision and desires. We listen intently and ask questions you might not have thought about and then we ask some more. We deep dive into your needs and wants. We dig into the who, what, where and why to understand your requirements.

Experience has taught us that there is a direct correlation between our early involvement and the success of the project.

This pre-construction planning process allows you to explore your goals for the project in a structured format. And it helps us determine if this working relationship is a fit for both parties before fully committing to further contracting services.

During this step we come to your airport.

  • Review objectives, options, solutions and recommendations
  • Design and planning
  • Location and constructability review
  • Site evaluation
  • Airport requirements and regulations
  • Conceptual budget
  • Permit and approval review


The pre-construction planning process is one of the most critical stages of a construction project. It allows you to make educated decisions and creates the best experience possible. Make these discoveries late, and you end up paying exponentially more or settle for less.


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Construction Project Management

Discovery, Analysis, Options, and Recommendations

As a licensed building contractor Plane Space is the client’s sole point of contact, we simplify the construction process by handling all aspects of the project, from concept through completion and turnover. The result is a distinct, functional and functional aviation facility we can all be proud of.

  • Site assessments and permitting
  • Precise planning, project coordination, and safety measures
  • Engineering, permitting, inspections
  • Management of all construction, design & entitlement processes
  • Durable steel building systems designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Designed by engineering professionals, built to last
  • Constand, seamless and fully transparent collaboration with clients
Plane Space LLC
Plane Space LLC

Post Completion

Your project doesn’t end once construction is complete.

  • Site cleanup
  • Project turnover
  • Ensure proper functioning of your systems
  • Final paperwork and inspections
  • System demonstrations
  • Project documentation and manuals
  • Smiling

After the cleanup is done, we’ll do a walkthrough of the finished hangar together and make sure everything is in order. It’s a new beginning. Move your aircraft into its new home.

Most importantly, enjoy your new hangar to the fullest and share with your friends.