Meet Our Team

We have roots in both aviation and construction!

Ralph Stanyard

Growing up around corporate aircraft at a young age, Ralph knew where his career was to go. He quickly earned his Commercial Pilot License and multiple ratings. Ralph has spent most of his life in corporate aviation along with a few years in the Army National Guard Aviation Unit. After a brief (10-year) stint with a Wall Street investment bank in the 80s, he returned to aviation earning his A&P licenses focusing on the Cessna Citation line of business jets. Soon after he was instrumental in forming the Cessna Citation maintenance department at a major business jet FBO/Service Center becoming a tech rep/inspector and regularly test flew after major inspections. During this time Ralph worked with Marcia Watson to form a very successful construction company with building residential and commercial properties however his passion for aviation never left. He soon formed Plane Space to reduce the void in aircraft hangars. As an owner/operator themselves Ralph and Marcia understand the importance of secure and functional hangars in protecting valuable assets for owners and businesses alike.
Plane Space LLC
Plane Space LLC

Marcia Watson

As an aviation and aerospace machinist for over 10 years, Marcia Watson created parts for high-profile aircraft, including B1 bombers, F-14 and F-16 jets, the Space Shuttle, and Patriot missile guidance systems. Marcia then established a construction company and earned her General Contractors license, becoming the first woman GC in her county. She has invested in large multifamily properties, and by being boots on the ground with her crews, she increased their values significantly through stunning renovations and meticulous management. Marcia is known for her commitment to building and maintaining relationships with clients, designers, subcontractors, and all project partners, which both the aviation and the local community took notice of.

Our Approach

Plane Space takes the time to fully understand the wants & needs of our clients. We have developed a unique construction and management process to meet our client’s goals that guide them through the entire development and construction process, allowing them to make educated decisions and create a functional and secure facility for all their aircraft needs.

What Sets Us Apart

From the first meeting, you will notice Plane Space is immersed in aviation as a way of life. Our specialty and passion is the construction of custom hangars for private and business aircraft owners. We are experts in this market from a construction and design standpoint but also from an aircraft owner/operator perspective. This unique combination of knowledge, functionality and expertise allows us to provide our aviation clients with a top quality facility to house and protect their aircraft, flight departments and aviation related business operations.

This unique insight, industry expertise, and resources provide advantages and serve as our foundation for developing functional creative solutions to meet our client’s aircraft hangar needs and goals.

For a project to be successful, we believe the builder must thoroughly understand the owner’s vision and desires. We have developed a comprehensive pre-construction planning process for this purpose. It’s a discovery of sorts for both of us and it starts with your vision, your wants and needs. We listen intently and ask questions you might not have thought about and then we ask some more. We deep dive into your wants and needs. We dig into the who, what, where and why to fully understand your requirements.

This pre-construction planning phase is one of the most critical stages of the project. Our clients bring us a vision. It is up to us to determine if that vision can become a functional practical reality and within our client’s budget during this pre-construction planning process.

We strive to provide our clients a gratifying experience by making bona fide recommendations, helping our clients make informed decisions, presenting possibilities beyond expectations and creating an aviation facility we can all be proud of.

“An owner’s vision for an aviation facility can only be fulfilled and built by a contractor who combines an aviator’s passion and a builder’s expertise.”

Plane Space LLC

Our Vision

Successfully expand and enhance private hangar development in the Florida cities where we live, work, play and call home.

Our Focus

Plane Space is 100% focused on building secure & functional aircraft hangars and aviation facilities. Our wide range of innovative hangar solutions serves the aviation community throughout Florida and the sunbelt region with fully engineered hangar designs customized to fit any aviation purpose. Plane Space works with private individuals, corporations, private airports, maintenance facilities and airport developers.